Weather data in a fast and elegant way

We are providing highly recognisable weather products that make working with the weather data a way easier. We work with millions of developers around a clock and believe that these benefits might be suitable for most of applications, up to the complex enterprise systems.

    A spectrum of out-of-the box weather products

    Short-term and long-term forecasts, history and observation

    Any location on the globe

    Transparent pricing and licensing

Our weather products are accessible via fast, reliable APIs that follow industry standards and compatible with different kind of enterprise systems. All our products content essential climate variables for any location. Besides that, we have some special products that helpful for industries that are affected by weather condition. Amongst them are Road Risk and national weather alerts.

Out-of-the box weather products

Openweather out-of-the box weather products cover majority of requirements for different businesses. In all our products, we provide essential weather parameters such as temperature, precipitation, probability of precipitation, humidity, feels like, pressure, cloudiness, wind, etc. The full list of weather parameters for every weather API you can find on the product pages in the API documentation.

Dedicated weather products

Besides out-of-the box products, we provide dedicated weather products such as Road Risks that also might be helpful for specific application:

  • Road Risk provides weather data and alerts along a route and at the point of destination, with minute accuracy for the first two hours

  • Weather alerts from majority of national weather warning systems worldwide; available in One Call API with a short list of parameters and as a National Alerts API with a full list of parameters

Openweather NWP model

Openweather NWP (numerical weather prediction) allows to calculate weather data for any location. We use proprietary convolutional neural network that collects and processes wide range of data sources to cover any location and consider the local nuances of climate. ML technology allows us to reach resolution about 500 m and very high accuracy between 90% and 100% with inaccuracy about 1%. Amongst data sources we feed to the NWP are 82,000 weather stations spread globally; national meteorological agencies (NOAA, Environment Canada, Met Office, etc.), radars, weather satellites.

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