OpenWeatherMap API guide

Detail information about our services and how to start working with them.


I. Registration process: How to start

II. API Documentation

III. Free tier and paid tariff plans

IV. Payment process


The "OpenWeatherMap API Guide" helps you find useful information, links, documents to start using our weather API services smoothly.
OpenWeatherMap is one of the leading digital weather information providers. We are a small IT company, established in 2014 by a group of engineers and experts in Big Data, data processing, and satellite imagery processing. Our headquarters is in the UK, we have an office in the US, and the development team in Latvia (EU).

We have more than 1,200,000 users of our products and get around 1,500 new users every day. We are reliable partners of Google who use OpenWeatherMap weather API in their AdWords for managing advertising campaigns.

The OpenWeatherMap API is free to use; however, there are also paid plans available for developers that require higher levels of weather data and support.

Our weather products

  • Current weather for any geolocation
  • 5-days/3 hour weather forecast
  • 16-days/daily weather forecast
  • Historical weather data for 6 years in the past
  • Weather maps: Forecast, Historical, Current
  • Relief maps
  • Weather alerts
  • UV index
  • Network of weather stations

Our advantages

  • Weather data is open: current weather, forecasts, maps with precipitations, wind, clouds, data from weather stations are available through APIs, maps and other products.
  • Coverage is global: weather data is available for any geographic location.
  • Weather model: own model of weather forecast calculation, WRF model for regions + global models.
  • Advanced technologies for a competitive price: due to Big Data technology costs of production and support are cheap, a price for a user is affordable.

I. Registration process: How to start

Our API is the easiest one for working with weather data. To get started you need to receive your unique API key (APPID).
We made the registration process super simple. Here is the quick process breakdown:

  1. Click Sign up


  2. Fill in the required fields


  3. Done! You can find an API key on 'API keys' tab in your account

A confirmation email with your API key and technical instructions will be sent to your email address.
Please note that it takes up to 2 hour to activate your API key.

Please use your unique API key {appid=} in each API call to authorize a request from your application and process it appropriately.

II. API Documentation

The OpenWeatherMap API documentation structure is based on our product list. You can choose a product you are interested in and find detailed technical instructions clicking on the button “API doc” opposite the product name.
A brief service description you can find below product name.
On the documentation page, you can find out what types of requests are available, a list of parameters, examples, and other useful information.
Please remember that all Examples of API calls that listed on the documentation page are just samples and do not have any connection to the real API service.
A special point and API key are used to display samples:,uk&appid=b6907d289e10d714a6e88b30761fae22 (samples API key)

But to make calls you need to use the real API point that listed on the documentation page as text. For example:,uk&appid=YOUR_API_KEY

Better call API by city ID instead of a city name, city coordinates or zip code to get a precise result.
The list of cities IDs is here.

III. Free tier and paid tariff plans

You can find all the information about the tariff plans and functionality at the following link:

Free tariff

The number of calls you are allowed to make depends on the subscription plan you choose.
Free users can make 60 requests per minute.
Using the service under Free tier, you can work with the following weather APIs:

Current weather for any geolocation

Access current weather data for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities. Current weather is frequently updated based on global models and data from more than 40,000 weather stations. Data is available in JSON, XML, or HTML format.
You can call API:

  • By city name
  • By city ID
  • By geographic coordinates
  • By ZIP code

5-days/3 hour weather forecast

5-days forecast is available for any location or city. It includes weather data every 3 hours. Forecast is available in JSON or XML format.
You can call API:

  • By city name
  • By city ID
  • By geographic coordinates
  • By ZIP code

Weather maps 1.0

Weather maps including Precipitation, Clouds, Pressure, Temperature, Wind. You can connect any weather map to mobile and web apps.

Weather alerts

Using simple syntax and a few API methods you can create triggers which will fire on an occurrence of the selected weather conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) in a specified period of time.

Current / forecast / historical UV data

You can get an access to UV data for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities! Data is available in the JSON format.

Network of weather stations

The Weather Station API 3.0 for managing your personal weather stations and for transferring weather data using special API method.

Paid tariff plans

Let’s take a look at our monthly subscriptions for more options than Free account can provide you.
Advantages of paid subscriptions:

  • Quick data update
  • Extended limit of API calls
  • High data availability

A Startup account will let you use almost all the features of the API, a Developer/Professional subscription will provide you with access to dedicated business-class servers infrastructure which is of significantly higher reliability, capacity and data precision.
Please follow our price to find more details about tariff plans and functionality.
For paid tariffs, in addition to the services listed above, we provide the following products:

16-days/daily weather forecast

16-days forecast is available for any location or city. Forecast includes daily weather and available in JSON or XML format. It is available for all paid accounts (starting from Startup tariff plan).
You can call API:

  • By city name
  • By city ID
  • By geographic coordinates
  • By ZIP code

Weather maps 2.0: Forecast, Historical, Current

This product allows you to get the weather map around the world. You can get 15 weather map layers and pass your palette for any layers. Using the one simple URL you can get the following weather maps:

  • Current weather maps
  • Forecast weather maps - The forecast for 10 days with a 3 hours-step
  • Historical weather map - Archive since February, 2018

Relief maps

This product allows you to get relief maps around the world. Set the position of the sun in parameters and you will receive precise illumination of the earth’s surface and its relief for conditions set. The service is available for paid accounts starting from Developer tariff plan

IV. Payment process

We provide the service through subscriptions. There are two types of payment process - monthly payment and advance payment for several months at once.
Below, we look at the nuances of each type.

Monthly subscription

You can subscribe in several ways:

I. Through subscription page posted on the Price page:

1. Choose the appropriate type of subscription in the Price-list and click 'Subscribe':

2. After that, you will be taken to the subscription page, where you need

  • to specify your API key that you can copy from your personal account
    (please sign up to get API key if you haven't done it before)
  • to choose tariff plan suitable for you

  • Clouds

II. Through your personal account:

1. Sign in to your personal account and subscribe on the ‘Billing plans’ section.


Advance payment

Please, contact us for any details