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Weather forecasts, nowcasts and history in fast and elegant way

2 Billion Forecasts Per Day
2,500 new subscribers a day
2,600,000 customers
20+ weather APIs
2 Billion Forecasts Per Day
2,500 new subscribers a day
2,600,000 customers
20+ weather APIs

Call our easy-to-use APIs to get weather data for each coordinate

Called by:
geographical coordinates, zip codes, city name, city ID, number of cities (only in current and forecasted APIs)

weather data

Weather for each geographical coordinate on the globe

For each point on the globe, we provide historical, current and forecasted weather data via light-speed APIs.

Minute-by-minute forecast

Other forecasts:
hourly (4-day), daily (16-day), 30-day climate forecast

Historical data
with 40-year archive for any coordinate

weather data

Forecasted weather data

Detailed forecasts available by city name, city ID, geographic coordinates or postal/ZIP code.

how to obtain


Different subscriptions with different limits on calls/min, data availability, and service

weather data

Historical weather data

Our new technology, Time Machine, has allowed us to enhance the data in the Historical Weather Collection: historical weather data is now available for any coordinate, the depth of historical data has been extended to 40 years.

how to obtain

Marketplace of prepared data sets
(cities, zip codes, grids)

On-the-fly bulks
for customized lists of coordinates

APIs (city-based, up to 1 year back; subscriptions with different limits on calls/min, data availability, and service)

weather data

Current weather data

Access current weather data for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities! The data is frequently updated based on global and local weather models, satellites, radars and vast network of weather stations.

how to obtain

(subscriptions with different limits on calls/min, data availability, and service)

Prepared bulks
(cities, zip codes)


One Call API

All weather data for each coordinate by calling an API just once. Free access - 1000 API calls/day. Easy migration from the Dark Sky API.

Included data Time
Current weather Now
Minute forecast Next hour
Hourly forecast Next 48 hours
Daily forecast Next 7 days
Hourly historical data Previous 5 days
ai and satellite imagery

Agro API

We provide satellite imagery, weather data and other agricultural services that are based on geodata. Power your solution based on this information with Agro API.

  • New satellite imagery every 2-4 days
  • Historical satellite data archive
  • NDVI / EVI vegetation indices and Historical NDVI chart
  • Current, Forecast and Historical weather data
ai and satellite imagery


Dashboard is a visual service where you can easy work with satellite imagery and weather data for your fields. It is the real example of what we provide through Agro API.

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Our new products

Government alerts via One Call API

Besides current, historical, and forecast weather data, you can get severe weather warnings from major government weather agencies, all in one request, globally.

Government alerts via push notifications

This product collects weather warnings from major weather warning systems and presents them in a uniform and convenient data format. Push notifications mechanism will allow to get timely notifications about severe weather.

Global Weather Alerts API

Subscribe to our easy-to-use Global Weather Alerts API to get severe weather warnings from major government meteorological agencies. You will get a full description of each alert, the whole area where it applies, and its time.

weather maps

Forecast, Current and Historical

Using only one API call, you can get Forecast (for 10 days with 3-hour step), Historical, and Current weather maps.

15 map layers include the most useful data, such as precipitation, clouds, pressure, temperature, wind, and many more.

Interactive weather map allows you to watch for current temperature and weather conditions in your city or any other location on the interactive global map.

6,000+ OpenWeatherMap weather API repositories on GitHub

Find lots of workouts with our weather APIs on PHP, Java, Python, Go and many others on the Partners page together with 6000+ repositories on GitHub.

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Google Weather-Based Campaign Management with OpenWeatherMap API

Run your advertising campaign with OpenWeatherMap weather API through Google AdWords

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Connect your weather station to OpenWeatherMap

We are glad to invite you to join our network of private weather stations. Today we have more than 80,000 weather stations around the world.


Get weather data for free for open source project

We are happy to support open projects with open source code. If you need to make a large number of API calls and you have published your code on GitHub or BitBucket, please contact us and we will provide you with extended conditions.

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