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Join our Student Initiative today and become a vital part of a passionate community of over 8,000 weather enthusiasts. Embrace our belief that wider access to data sparks greater potential. By engaging in climate data education, you're not just learning – you're actively contributing to sustainable solutions for future generations. Be a part of this exciting journey where insight transforms into action and passion fuels purpose. Together, let's harness the power of data to shape a better, more sustainable future.

Other Initiatives

open source initiative

Open Source

We aim to inspire open source developers and enhance the accessibility of weather data. If you have an open source project that requires weather data, drop us a message, and we will support your application. By aiding contributors to the open source infrastructure, we empower a community of innovation. Join the OpenWeather developers' family and embark on a journey of progress and collaboration with us.

healthcare initiative


Our Healthcare Initiative helps to explore the health-climate relationship, offering free access to our Historical Weather Collection for vital healthcare research.

weather station initiative

Weather stations

Contribute to tackling climate challenges by linking your weather station to our platform. We reward you contribution with the complimentary Startup plan.

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