Weather maps 1.0

OpenWeatherMap provides many kinds of weather maps including Precipitation, Clouds, Pressure, Temperature, Wind. You can connect them to mobile and web apps.

We have launched Weather maps 2.0! Now available Forecast, Historical and Current weather maps.
15 weather map layers. You can get all of them using only one simple URL! Learn more

URL format

There are two endpoints for accessing weather layers.

The following endpoint is available for everyone. It requires the API key authentication.{layer}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?appid={api_key}

This endpoint is only available for users who subscribed to Developer plan and higher. It also requires the API key authentication. The access is given only by the request.{layer}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?appid={api_key}

Parameters Description

layer name
number of zoom level
number of x tile coordinate
number of y tile coordinate
Your API key

Examples of weather map layers


  • layer's name: clouds_new
  • area: worldwide
Preview weathermap


  • layer's name: precipitation_new
  • area: worldwide
Preview weathermap

Sea level pressure

  • layer's name: pressure_new
  • area: worldwide
Preview weathermap
Sea level pressure

Wind speed

  • layer's name: wind_new
  • area: worldwide
Preview weathermap
Wind speed


  • layer's name: temp_new
  • area: worldwide
Preview weathermap

Satellite base map

You need to request this layer according to VANE API specification
Open in VANE SQL viewer

Google Maps JavaScript API based on OpenWeatherMap API

Google has closed their Weather and Cloud solutions since 4th of June 2015 and recommended to use OpenWeatherMap with the Google Maps JavaScript API as an alternative solution.

'Displaying weather data with the Google Maps API and OpenWeatherMap' manual:

Libraries to connect weather layers

Open Layers

The following functions are available for the OpenLayers library:
  • Classes of weather layer and weather stations layer
  • Possibility to set your own style
  • Classes with clustered markers
  • Support of marker server clustering


The OpenWeatherMap javascript library is designed to work with the Leaflet mapping service. The current version of the library allows the following:
  • Embedding of layer with current weather in cities
  • Embedding of layer with weather stations
  • The library supports customer clustering

Leaflet library

Another implementation of map based on Leaflet technology supports OWM's TileLayers and current city/station data. It is configurable with many options. For current city/station data the library supports refreshing the data in intervals, some types of client-side clustering (show only the station/city with the highest rank for a defined pixel square), custom image set (if you provide one), different languages ("en", "de", "ru", "fr", but translation is incomplete), minZoom and others.

Source and documentation ( is available on GitHub

Example of weather map: