If you have a weather station you can connect it to OpenWeatherMap service. You will get a convenient interface for gathering and monitoring data from your weather station. And you can embed the weather station data into your home page.

How to connect a weather station?

We are looking for fans of meteorology. Please contact us if you have a weather station and you want to participate in the project.

If you want to connect your weather station to our server you should:

1 Register station by adress OpenWeatherMap.org/login

2 Connect in with Upload API. API brief description is here OpenWeatherMap.org/API

3 Check data OpenWeatherMap.org/my

40 000 stations around wher world

We collect the data from meteorological stations from around the world. More than 40,000 different stations transmit data about the current weather. Layers current weather conditions data can be used with any mapping service.

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