The OpenWeatherMap service provides free weather data and forecast API suitable for any cartographic services like web and smartphones applications. Ideology is inspired by OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia that make information free and available for everybody. OpenWeatherMap provides wide range of weather data such as map with current weather, week forecast, precipitation, wind, clouds, data from weather Stations and many others. Weather data is received from global Meteorological broadcast services and more than 40 000 weather stations.

London, GB

7.62 °C

few clouds

WindCalm 0.7 m/s
Northwest (315°)
Cloudinessfew clouds
Pressure1015.1 hpa
Humidity93 %

Next hours

Stations. All = 28, Bad = 14.

RStations nametemp (°C)dist (km)time gap (hh:mm:ss)
107 EW2865 8.89 prs=1014 hmd=81 wnd=1.54(73) 2.7 01:14:59
DW5621 7.78 old measurement 11.258 01:59:55
112 EGLC 8 prs=1012 hmd=87 wnd=4.6(30) 12.835 01:21:05
M3TZX-13 7.78 old measurement 13.488 01:55:56
111 DW7856 7.78 prs=1010 hmd=90 wnd=1.03(63) 14.491 01:05:41
130 M3SXA-5 7.22 prs=1010 hmd=91 wnd=0.51(127) 14.657 00:55:59
M0ZPG-1 9.44 old measurement 15.264 02:37:36
222 BarnetEN5 7.3 prs=1017.5 hmd=95(225) 15.702 00:09:17
133 G1EGZ 8.33 prs=1005 hmd=73 16.407 00:53:27
93 CW1115 8.33 prs=1010 hmd=61 wnd=2.06(7) 16.506 01:13:19
DW4400 7.22 old measurement 16.711 01:50:44
DW4121 4.44 big delta 17.463 00:59:54
DW6143 6.67 old measurement 17.851 01:46:17
221 kt19weather 8.5 prs=1011.1 hmd=85 wnd=0.7 18.174 23:52:23
225 Westmede-garden 7.6 prs=1015.1 hmd=93 wnd=0.7(315) 18.276 23:54:06
EGYM 7 old measurement 19.152 02:21:05
G4MHJ-1 7.78 old measurement 19.63 01:40:28
70 DW8710 6.67 prs=1011 hmd=94(56) 20.233 01:22:45
EGWU 7 old measurement 20.501 02:21:05
DW6556 7.22 old measurement 20.927 01:52:53
122 EW3734 7.22 prs=1032 hmd=94 wnd=1.03(232) 21.545 00:55:56
EGKB 8 old measurement 22.891 08:51:05
99 EGLL 7 prs=1012 hmd=87 wnd=2.1(20) 23.226 01:21:05
EW1498 7.78 old measurement 25.356 02:04:22
M0TTB 6.67 old measurement 26.205 04:48:15
DW0265 7.78 old measurement 29.739 05:35:51
84 2E0CGW 6.67 prs=1003 hmd=95 wnd=2.57(61) 31.746 01:08:14
99 CW7488 7.22 prs=1011 hmd=87 wnd=0.51(46) 35.52 00:58:45

  • Put the city's name or its part and get the list of the most proper cities in the world. Example - Lon or Lond or London. The more precise city name you put the more precise list you will get.
  • To make it more precise put the city's name or its part, comma, the name of the county or 2-letter country code. You will get all proper cities in chosen county. The order is important - the first is city name than comma than county.

The precipitation and pressure map

Mobile Applications

For mobile apps developers

You can receive any weather data for your application by using JSON / XML API. Lots of applications for Android and iOS use OpenWeatherMap as weather data source. By the way the data can be received from WMS server and can be embedded into any cartographic web-application.

For web developers

If you use some cartographic services in your web-sites now you can easily add weather information to it. By the way the Drupal and other CMS plug-ins are available. We can offer you libraries for OpenStreetMaps, Google and Yandex maps. We support integration with libraries for OpenLayers and Leaflet.


Do you have a weather station?

If you have a weather station you can connect it to OpenWeatherMap service. You will get a convenient interface for gathering and monitoring data from your weather station. And you can embed the weather station data into your home page.


We are open for partnership

OpenWeatherMap is startup that offers free current weather data, forecasts and history data to the developers of web-services and mobile applications. We are seeking for investments to develop the OpenWeatherMap project in direction of data base increasing, new services development, and math algorithm enforcement.

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