Weather API

Our weather API is simple, clear and free. We also offer higher levels of support, please see our paid plan options. To access the API you need to sign up for an API key if you are on a free or paid plan.

Current weather data

  • Access current weather data for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities!
  • Current weather is frequently updated based on global models and data from more than 40,000 weather stations
  • Data is available in JSON, XML, or HTML format


5 and 16 day forecast

  • Both 5 day forecasts and 16 day forecasts are available at any location or city
  • 5 day forecasts include weather data every 3 hours and 16 day forecasts include daily weather
  • Forecasts are available in JSON, XML, or HTML format


Historical data

  • Through our API we provide both city historical weather data and raw data from weather stations
  • Historical data is available for 1 month previous in both free and developer accounts, for 1 year previous in Professional accounts, and is unlimited in Enterprise accounts


Weather stations

  • Access recent data from weather stations
  • Search weather stations close to a geographic location
  • Get historical weather station data
  • More than 40,000 weather stations around the world are connected to OpenWeatherMap
  • Join our network of private weather stations and get convenient data gathering and monitoring for your weather station


Weather map layers

  • Weather maps include precipitation, clouds, pressure, temperature, wind, and more!
  • Connect our weather maps to your mobile applications and websites
  • Use as layers in Direct Tiles, WMS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Google Maps, and Yandex maps


API documentation