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A visual tool for working with weather data and timely tracking of dangerous phenomena

weather dashboard

The OpenWeather Dashboard is a lightweight and flexible visual tool for our customers who would like to be notified of weather events to make informed decisions and plan actions based on the weather input.

Set triggers to track weather
Track trigger events in the dashboard or receive
email notifications
Make timely decisions once trigger
conditions are met

Product Features

Global coverage
Choose any location on
the globe

Email notifications
Set up triggers. You will be notified by email and in the Dashboard once trigger conditions are met

Weather parameters
Track the main weather parameters: temperature, wind speed, precipitations

Weather data are updated every hour (based on Hourly forecast API)

How to Start

It is easy to start working with the Dashboard. There are 3 steps:

  1. Sign up to our service. Alternatively, please use your existing OpenWeather username and password.

  2. Go to the Dashboard. Then, you will be taken to the "Events" section (the events list will be empty because you haven't set up any triggers yet).

  3. Go to the "New trigger" section and set up the conditions of your first trigger by choosing a trigger location, weather conditions, etc.
    Detailed instruction of how to set up a trigger is available here.

Well done! From now on, you will receive email notifications and see future events on the Dashboard's main screen as soon as the trigger conditions are met.

Our detailed user manual contains complete information about the functions of the Dashboard and how to work with them.

Our users

Weather Dashboard can be easily used in a wide range of cases, from large enterprises who need to monitor critical business functions across the world to individual users who want to track the weather for various other purposes.

OpenWeather clients logos
OpenWeather clients logos

Pricing and limits

Please note that access to the Dashboard is included in the Current & Forecasts subscription plans collection. This means that, should you subscribe to one of these plans, you automatically obtain access to both the Dashboard and other products included in that plan.

Price is fixed, no other hidden costs
(VAT is not included)



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Number of available triggers 3 5 10 200 Custom
How to get notifications Only via Dashboard Dashboard and emails Dashboard and emails Dashboard and emails Dashboard and emails
Number of email addresses for each trigger - 3 10 20 100
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