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Accumulated temperature data for agriculture

Accumulated temperature data for agriculture

Temperature, and especially accumulated temperature, is an important factor and it plays a fundamental role in agricultural productivity. Plants and insects develop in accordance with temperature. The warmer weather, the faster they grow and reproduce, and otherwise, the colder, the slower the processes go.

All species have a biological minimum of a temperature level, and the development does not take place at all below this level. When temperature of environment begins to exceed this minimum level, it gives a start to growth and reproduction. The value of this basic temperature (or a development threshold) has a crucial significance, and it differs for a definite species of plants and insects.

Accumulated temperature (AT) represents an integrated excess or lack of temperature regarding a fixed starting point. This index is calculated as a sum of average daily temperature of air and soil, which exceeds a certain threshold of zero, 5, 10 degrees or a biological minimum of a temperature level.

Basically speaking, this is a way to include temperature and time into one dimension for quantitative evaluation of growth speed of plants and insects. Usually the index of accumulated temperature data is used to create models of crop growth.  
In the near future we will introduce our new API for the accumulated temperature data. API will be based on historical data and will be focused primarily on users from the agricultural sector.  

Travel countdown, weather, tours and inspiration

Travel countdown, weather, tours and inspiration

With Ready Set Holiday application and weather data by OpenWeatherMap you can perfectly plan your weekend holidays. 

Everyone travels not like others. 

One is suddenly struck by an idea, he grabs a backpack, some clothes, gadgets, buys a ticket  not of great importance where or  gets a bike or a car and sets out for adventures despite a burning sun or heavy rain outside. 

However the most people prefer to plan their trips thoroughly in advance. And often this planning brings as much pleasure as the trip itself.
One wishes that everything in a trip is greatly planned and goes smoothly. Actually it’s a nice occupation to learn an area by map and photos, to check forecasts for all the future locations, to choose and book tours scrupulously considering the experience of former travelers. And weather here is a quite crucial factor. A trip which is planned without regard to forecast has a risk not to be ruined completely, but it can frustrate you. Choosing holiday time with attention to forecasts from OpenWeatherMap, you avoid disappointment. Application Ready Set Holiday turns trip preparation to an easy and interesting thing. And our forecasts and current weather let get maximum pleasure from a trip and prevent a bad cold and overheating.        

OpenWeatherMap weather data for a smart home. Relative humidity

OpenWeatherMap weather data for a smart home. Relative humidity

Generally speaking, humidity is the amount of water contained in the air. And relative humidity is the ratio of the mass fraction of water vapor in the air to the maximum possible value of this quantity at a given temperature.

Usually the notion “climate” includes temperature and precipitation. Often such factor as relative humidity is forgotten. It’s necessary to mention that basically one pays little attention to that parameter. Temperature, wind speed, pressure – in this range air humidity is an outsider and improperly deprived of attention. However relative humidity is not only one of the most important articles in weather forecasts, but also one of the defining factors of well-being.

Pilots are eager to fly. How weather data help to find an airway

Pilots are eager to fly. How weather data help to find an airway

Let's consider one of the new interesting cases where weather data by OpenWeatherMap is used. 

Usually it's not a quick and easy deal for pilots to find an air corridor with appropriate weather for flying. Sometimes a search for a starting point of a flight and for its destination point takes up to 1-2 hours. is an application which uses real-time weather data by OpenWeatherMap alongside with information from many other sources. The application shows the current weather for possible starting points of a flight. There also can be found forecasts and other information like the description of the areas or the airspaces. One can implement further features for the pilots in the future.

Pilots are eager to fly, not to spend time looking for airspaces appropriate for flying. And OpenWeatherMap team is happy that our data help them to do so.

Smart home. The relation of temperatures "inside" and "outside".

Smart home. The relation of temperatures "inside" and "outside".

From the first glance, ideal temperature is a subjective notion. It's a usual thing when some people open windows widely, while others wrap up themselves in sweaters and drink hot tea at one and the same room.
One badly tolerates heat, another is afraid of cold. When you are in a room, your comfort temperature depends not only on your physical peculiarities as of a human being, but also your comfort temperature is unique for every surroundings you are in.
The quality of isolation, the tasks you do at home, the amount of working equipment - there is a lot of factors which affect our perception of desired temperature. The comfort temperature is a balance between a wish to wrap up yourself in tons of clothes and a rush every 10 min to cold shower.

SSL for "free" and "startup" accounts!

We are glad to inform that starting from today SSL-protocol is available for all our APIs and for all accounts including "free" and "startup".

Intellectual management of buildings. Weather API

Intellectual management of buildings. Weather API

Intellectual management of buildings simultaneously solves 2 crucial tasks: it lets decrease  electric power cost and reduce CO2 emission and it all together has a positive effect on ecology.  
For the present moment there exist ready solutions which allow reasonable management of all the equipment: lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, secure systems, etc.
Effective tools of monitoring observe functioning of a building in real-time mode: the tools calculate energy consumption, analyze current technical issues, trace surplus of CO2 and its emission.
The analysis of data received with the monitoring tools also implements management of processes taking place in buildings remotely. For getting actual information, one needs only to launch a browser.     

And here an easy access to a huge storage of data arrays is really necessary: data of different kinds comes constantly and is being processed in real-time mode. 
Our OpenWeatherMap team is happy to know that our development of weather APIs which are used as a part of global solutions in such projects throughout the world contributes to increasing of energy effectiveness and thus helps to improve ecological situation.   

Model of climatic parameters calculation for single fields

There is a source at where we suggest several simple examples of what you can create in your application with the help of our weather data.

The weather alerts on our meteorological data

The weather alerts are ones of the tools that we offer for agricultural monitoring of fields For your convenience we have designed an interface for our API where you can create triggers for a polygon of any shape. These triggers will work out in case of emergence of specified weather conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) during a certain period of time.    

For example, there is a field where some plants are inclined to suffer from freezing, while other plants need measures to be taken in case of strong wind – and you can easily get this information with our tool. Just set specific trigger conditions and if they happen you will get a program warning.  

Open Dashboard for Agricultural Monitoring

Today we’d like to show you what you can do with our data. Open Dashboard for Agricultural Monitoring ( is a presentation of possible use of weather and satellite data in your agriculture applications. This is a service where everyone can find weather data and satellite imagery of their fields easily through our APIs. All you need to do is just to register, to draw a polygon and you get all the necessary stuff in an instant.        

Here you can evaluate a condition of fields from satellite imagery and get clear information for analysis of the dynamic changes taking place on these fields. Also this service provides weather data for any specified area: forecasts, historical data and notifications about critical weather situations for a stated period.

If you are interested in embedding this service in your application you can find further information here: