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Smart home. The relation of temperatures "inside" and "outside".

Smart home. The relation of temperatures "inside" and "outside".

Posted on 2017-08-18 14:03

From the first glance, ideal temperature is a subjective notion. It's a usual thing when some people open windows widely, while others wrap up themselves in sweaters and drink hot tea at one and the same room.
One badly tolerates heat, another is afraid of cold. When you are in a room, your comfort temperature depends not only on your physical peculiarities as of a human being, but also your comfort temperature is unique for every surroundings you are in.
The quality of isolation, the tasks you do at home, the amount of working equipment - there is a lot of factors which affect our perception of desired temperature. The comfort temperature is a balance between a wish to wrap up yourself in tons of clothes and a rush every 10 min to cold shower.

The standard of temperature mode inside the building is different for a definite territory. Thus it is different for north and south regions as well as for east and west. The standard temperature also calculates basing on a season change. On the average, for the european climate the acceptable temperature inside the building during the cold season is 19-22C, and in the warm season is 22-25C. This difference looks insignificant from the first sight, however with its prolong performance it impacts human lives a lot.       

Generally speaking, the climate on the whole and the current state of weather outside have a much bigger influence on the microclimate inside the building and human well-being than it can be perceived from the quick glance. 

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