How to start

How to start and continue calling Openweather API in the best way

Openweather API is one of the most recognisable and elegant APIs. Powered by ML technologies, it provides all necessary for businesses weather information for any location on the globe. All you need to start using it is to sign up and call API straightforwardly.

Why our Free Weather API is so good yet free

Sign up and call API for free

Please, sign up with your email first and get your API key (APPID) in the confirmation email. You can always find your API key and generate more of them on your account page. The API key is all you need to have at hand to call any of the weather APIs. Our API documentation is an essential guide with real examples and comprehensive description of API calls, responses and its parameters.

Sign up and call API for paid subscriptions

If you need more features than Free account can provide, please look at the monthly subscriptions here. You can choose between subscriptions depending on how many calls per minute you are going to make, what weather data and service level you need, and by massive of other features.

API key is all you need to call weather API

Please, use your API key in each API call. We do not process API requests without any API key. We count requests from all API keys that associate with your account.

Example of using API key in API call

API call{API key}
appid required Your unique API key (you can always find it on your account page under the "API key" tab)

Example of API call

API care recommendations

Like any other things you are using, the API requires some attention. To let it serve you properly, we suggest that you carefully read these instructions and care recommendations.

First, we recommend always call API no more than one time for every 10 minutes for one location, however you call it by city, geographical coordinates or by zip code. Our weather model is not updated more frequently than one time per about 10 minutes.

Second, use only this endpoint for calling Free API: Please, never use the IP address of the server. The endpoint for premium subscriptions is different; it can be found in the confirmation email we sent you right after your subscription is activated.

Third, to get a precise geocoding searching result would rather call API by city ID. You can always call API by city name, city coordinates or zip code but the searching result might be a bit less unambiguous. The list of city IDs is here.

Forth, last but not least, mind that our subscriptions all have limited availability. The more premium is your subscription the more available is service. If you do not receive a response from the API due to this limitation, please, wait at least for 10 min and then repeat your request. We recommend you keeping the most recent request without changes, it helps to use our internal caching service properly.

When your account exceeds a limit of calls

We accumulate the total number of calls from all the API keys assigned to your account. We do not suspend your account immediately when you exceed the limit. We do not want your customers and users to be disappointed with the service interruption and do our best to keep it sustainable. You will get an automatic notification with a suggestion to migrate to the proper paid subscription. Only if we do not hear from you after a certain number of the notification emails, we finally suspend the account. You should contact our customer support team to resume your subscription.

Response from API when your account is suspended

{ "cod": 429,
"message": "Your account is temporary blocked due to exceeding of requests limitation of your subscription type. 
Please choose the proper subscription"

If you do not find a reply to your questions on this page, please, look at our comprehensive FAQ or contact our customer support team.