A layer with current weather conditions in cities

Current weather for 70,000 cities in the world is based on online data received from weather stations. The most of stations are located outside the city so to get the current weather in some exact location you need to interpolate measured data. We make it using online data received from the weather stations and global meteorological forecasts.

Weather map for your web application

For each city and location we calculate the following weather parameters:
  • Temperature
  • Atmosphere pressure
  • Humidity
  • Clouds
  • Wind strength and direction
  • Precipitations
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Weather charts

By using history data it is possible to make charts of weather changing and embed it into your web-site. All history data are available for downloading by API.

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Variety of widgets

By using our API you can display the weather map in lots of different ways. It depends on only your fantasy. Or you can choose some finished widget.

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Variety of layers for maps

You can connect to your map lots of different weather layers including the followings:

  • Current weather
  • Weather station data
  • Precipitation
  • Clouding
  • Radar data
  • Wind strength and direction
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Mobile version of site

Mobile version of web-site is adapted for your smartphones.

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Leaflet lybrary

The javascript library is designed to work with the Leaflet mapping service. The current version of the library allows demonstration of current weather in cities. The library supports customer clustering. You can find an example of this library on the www.openstreetmap.ru

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How to get this data?

get weather data for web applications it necessary to use API. API is free.