OWM cloud platform for Big Data management

OWM platform collects, processes, and distributs information about our planet through easy to use tools and APIs.

OWM platform benefits

  • Real-time big data processing of dozens of TB a day
  • Fast and easy to use API to access to data
  • Integration with 3rd party solutions
  • No ‘vendor lock’ due to open source system components
  • Dynamically horizontal scalability
  • No dependence on hosting
  • Support two types of data - data (numbers) and images (raster)

OWM platform conception

Sensors and Data Sources

We collect data from thousands of sensors distributed all around our planet. We work with remote sensors consolidating data from variety of satellites and radars. Permanently amassing our network of remote sensors we do our best to make reach world of imagery available for you in the most prompt and convenient way. Today archives content data from MODIS, Landsat 7 and 8. Our network of on-the-ground sensors covers more than 40,000 weather stations. We would be happy to discuss collaboration and integration of new data sources with you.

Open data and API

Our mission is to collect data worldwide and make it open and available for everyone through easy to use tools and APIs. Our #1 goal is to inspire new innovative applications with powerful satellite imagery, weather data and more that is instantly available for you. Being faithful to the idea of open data we use only open source software including NgInx, Apache, PHP, Tilecache, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Mapnik, PostGIS, Memcache, MongoDB, Gearman, MySQL, Python and others.

Data Processing

We use high-end IT technologies to automatically process billions of data points every second. Big Data and cloud technology give us a freedom to work with immense data and process them right away providing you with RGB and NVDI images, cloudless maps, interactive weather maps and many others.

High loading system

OWM platform in OpenWeatherMap service processes and distributes billions of data points every second:

  • 10,000 calls to OWM servers per second
  • 10,000,000 users of OWM weather data


OWM is dynamically horizontal scalable platform. It means that if you need to increase productiveness in 2 times your investments into the system expansion increase in 2 times as well.

OWM does not depend on hosting that let it be hosted on combination of Amazon EC2, private clouds and other cloud hostings.

  • Cost/resources effectiveness - buy additional servers for task and then turn them off when it is not necessary any more
  • Fast expansion of the system when it is necessary
  • Simple migration from one hosting to another

Imagery and data

OWM works with two types of data - data as parameter and images (raster) that requires different types of processing and storages. One of the examples of data is NDVI calculated from images and available as chart or though API.

Distributed processing and storing of big data

It is impossible to store and process big massive of data on one server due to its volume. We use the following technology to process big data in the most effective way:

  • Data massive is divided into parts that are stored on the several servers.
  • Task is divided into parts and executed in the correspondent locations of data storing, it eliminates time of data pre-downloading
  • Results of processed data are combined by one management server


On the basis of OWM Platform we build variety of API and maps for your applications. With API you can easily get access to worldwide weather data. You can focus on your awesome mobile or web app – we’ll provide the data. Including current weather, forecasts, historical data, and tons of weather maps. You can also check what current weather and forecast for next two weeks in your city or in any of 200,000 cities around the world.

Discover some examples of Beautiful Maps generated from automatically processed imagery made on OWM Platform to find awesome and sophisticated places on our planet.