Data from weather stations

Using the following API requests you can get recent weather station data, search weather stations close to some geographic location and get historical weather station data.

Call current weather from one station


Get the most recent measurements from weather station.

API call:{id}

id station ID

Examples of API calls:
Examples of API respond:

Call current weather from several stations

Weather stations within a rectangular zone


JSON returns data from weather stations located within definite rectangle that is specified by geographical coordinates.

API call:{yes/no}&cnt={cnt}&bbox={bbox}
bbox bounding box
lon of the top left point,
lat of the top left point,
lon of the bottom right point,
lat of the bottom right point,
map zoom

callback javascript functionName

cluster use server clustering of points, possible values are [yes, no]

cnt amount of lines in respond

Examples of API calls:,49.07,65.21,61.26,6

Weather stations around a geo point


You can choose a geo point and expected number of weather station to get a list of weather stations that are located around this geo point.

lat, lon coordinates of the location of your interest cnt expected number of weather stations in respond
Examples of API calls:

Historical data from weather stations

Please, find detailes in Historical data.

Other features



JSON format is used by default. To get data in XML or HTML formats just set up mode = xml or html.

mode - possible values are xml and html. If mode parameter is empty the format is JSON by default.
Examples of API calls:




How to connect your weather station to OpenWeatherMap

More information about connecting your weather station to OpenWeatherMap and transmitting data to our API, weather stations software, OpenWeatherMap weather station prototype and other DIY stations, real time map demonstating interconnection with 40,000 weather stations in Stations section