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About OpenWeatherMap

OpenWeatherMap service provides open weather data for more than 200,000 cities and any geo location that is available on our web-site and through API. Ideology of our service is inspired by OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia that make information free and available for everybody. OpenWeatherMap provides wide range of weather data including current weather, forecast, precipitations, wind, clouds, data from weather stations, lots of maps, analytics and many others. We have own model of weather calculation that involves global meteorological broadcast data, own WRF calculation for regions and real-time data from more than 40,000 weather stations.


Denn Ukolov, Co-Founder and CIO

Expert in IT architecture for enterprises, open-source software evangelist, GIS expert, and meteorological enthusiast. Having 14-years experience in IT industry has founded ExactFarming service and OpenWeatherMap meteorological service to combine cutting edge Big Data technologies and professional data to create demanded products for weather-dependent vertical markets like agri market, road management, targeted advertising campaigns and others.

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Olga Ukolova, Co-Founder and CEO

Co-founded OpenWeatherMap company having 10-years background of working in international companies as a business development manager in surveillance systems industry. It includes working in a Danish IT-company that produces software for surveillance system management, company is a global leader of the market, and 6-years experience of working in a Japanese company that is a global leader in manufacturing of electronic products.

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What is OpenWeatherMap service

  • Current conditions and forecast for 200,000+ cities and any geo location
  • Historical data
  • Simple and clear API
  • Interactive weather maps and satellite maps
  • Raw data from 40,000+ weather stations
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We are open for partnership

We are open to discuss investments to develop our business in directions of data base increasing, new services development, math algorithms enforcement and other demanded services. Please, e-mail us

Support and new ideas

Your comments, requests and ideas are welcomed. Please, e-mail us

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