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About OpenWeatherMap

OpenWeatherMap is a service that provides open and free API to current weather, forecasts and history data to the developers of web-services and mobile applications. As a data source it uses official meteorological broadcast services, raw data from official and privat weather stations and raw data from radars. All data are processed by unique mathematical algorithms that provide accurate and quickly updated online weather data flow including current weather, forecast and different weather maps like clouds and precipitations. On above of that the service is focused on social aspect by involving owners of weather stations to connect them to the service to let weather data be more accurate.

Why weather API is free?

The concept of OpenWeatherMap is to make weather data very accurate and available for everybody. Inspiring by OpenStreetMap that makes geographic information public and Wikipedia that makes the same with any information we,OpenWeatherMap, make weather data open and free.


The OpenWeatherMap architecture is based on Big Data and clouds computing technologies that includes backup servers that provides a high level of reliability of the service.

We are open for partnership

We are open to discuss investments to develop our business in directions of data base increasing, new services development, math algorithms enforcement and other demanded services. Please, contact us to e-mail info@OpenWeatherMap.org

Support and new ideas

Your comments, requests and ideas are very welcomed. Please, contact us to e-mail info@OpenWeatherMap.org. We also have a forum there.

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